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  • Jaguar F-TYPE 2022
    starting at $89,545
    +HST & License
    Jaguar F-TYPE 2022
  • Jaguar I-PACE 2022
    starting at $102,145
    +HST & License
    Jaguar I-PACE 2022
  • Jaguar E-PACE 2022
    starting at $54,845
    +HST & License
    Jaguar E-PACE 2022
  • Jaguar F-PACE 2022
    starting at $63,945
    +HST & License
    Jaguar F-PACE 2022
  • Jaguar XF 2022
    starting at $64,145
    +HST & License
    Jaguar XF 2022
  • Jaguar F-TYPE 2023
    starting at $92,195
    +HST & License
    4 in stock!
    Jaguar F-TYPE 2023
  • Jaguar I-PACE 2023
    starting at $105,145
    +HST & License
    Jaguar I-PACE 2023
  • Jaguar F-PACE 2023
    starting at $66,245
    +HST & License
    4 in stock!
    Jaguar F-PACE 2023
  • Jaguar E-PACE 2023
    starting at $56,345
    +HST & License
    Jaguar E-PACE 2023
  • Jaguar XF 2023
    starting at $66,545
    +HST & License
    Jaguar XF 2023

JAGUAR THORNHILL | Jaguar Dealership

Jaguar Thornhill is proud to serve the surrounding regions of Markham, North York and Richmond Hill in the greater Toronto area. We represent the high quality of the Jaguar brand across our dealership. At the forefront of our dealership, we offer new, pre-owned and certified pre-owned vehicles, but we’re so much more than that. We provide a dedicated finance department to outline payment plans on your vehicle, a collision body shop, a hard-working service centre and a parts centre with access to manufacturer factory parts.


Jaguar Thornhill has had the highest volume of Jaguar sales across all Canadian Jaguar retailers over the past few years. Come into our dealership and find out why our customers love to buy from us. Our Jaguar F-PACE, Jaguar I-PACE and Jaguar F-TYPE vehicles have consistently been a favourite amongst customers and represent the high quality of sports cars that we offer. We offer a wide selection of both new and pre-owned Jaguar vehicles over a broad price range.


Welcome to Jaguar Thornhill! We value all of our clients and customers who have helped us get to this point. We strive to maintain this level of service and dependability in the fantastic greater Toronto area that we serve.

The dealer/customer relationship is important to us at Jaguar Thornhill. All of our staff members do their work with a personal touch. Our Jaguar family wants to share our knowledge with you and show you how a Jaguar isn’t just a mode of transportation, but a luxury driving experience.


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Is Jaguar still involved in racing?

With Jaguar mainly focusing on SUVs lately, we can ask ourselves if the British Manufacturer still is interested in racing. Luckily, the answer is yes and there, and Jaguar is…

Published on November 20, 2022

2023 Jaguar F-Pace: Everything You Need to Know

Jaguar went from a luxury sedan manufacturer to a luxury SUV manufacturer; it couldn't be truer since there is only one car left in the British brand lineup compared to 3 SUVs.…

Published on November 07, 2022

Jaguar Announced Retirement for the F-Type

Arguably one of the best-looking sports cars currently in production and one of the best-sounding pieces of engineering, the Jaguar F-Type should be on every car collector's bucket…

Published on October 24, 2022

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